High School

At BVS our High School program addresses all facets of student growth, and in doing so provides the foundations for students to successfully mature into lifelong learners.  

As such, our approach includes carefully designed learning experiences that extend well beyond the purely academic sphere to development in our students a profound sense of self, healthy interpersonal relationships, a deep sense of global citizenship, and the skills to survive and thrive in today’s world.

Besides classroom learning students engage in activities, exposures and opportunities for students to experience variety of careers and skills. High School at BVS focuses very strongly on students achieving academically and exposing them to potential careers for future. Guest lectures, tours, visits and "learning by doing" sessions form an integral part of the program.

Brihaspati Vidya Sadan

Naxal-5, Kathmandu, Nepal
4418030 / 4418031
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