Secondary School

Secondary School at BVS is an activity based experiential learning that allows students to move from learning through play to learning by doing.

Every student participates and contributes to the overall learning of the class. Students are encouraged to think critically. STEAM and science lab classes allow students to convert theoretical ideas into practical lessons.

With the belief that positive mindset at this stage allows for a successful life ahead, proper supervision and counseling is provided to students by qualified individuals.

BVS's success at Secondary level can be seen from its very high standards of results in the District levels, SLC and SEE examinations.

Secondary School is headed by Ms. Sunira Shrestha, a well-known person to our alumni who talk about how she and her team has shaped their lives today.

Brihaspati Vidya Sadan

Naxal-5, Kathmandu, Nepal
4418030 / 4418031
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