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Science and Innovation at BVS moved towards higher altitudes with the 3 days mini Satellite training program organized by BVS. In coordination with students of Kathmandu University and madeinnepal.com, 6 students from grade 11 & 12 of Science Faculty participated in the program and learnt about the basics of Space Engineering, hardware and software developments of satellite and how to research and how to work as a team.

On the first day of the program, the students attended the lectures related to electronics and hardware and there was also a parachute designing training which was used for launching of mini satellite on the final day of the program. The program was termed as CanSat SastoSat training program where the satellite was not an actual Satellite, but a minimal simulation of a Satellite. The students also learnt how to write the codes need for the data analysis. The hardware used was EPS (Electrical Power System), Wifi module which acted as an antenna, and a temperature and humidity sensor module which was used as a payload. The satellite was about 50 grams in weight and 5 cm in height. The plan was to cutoff the cost of making a working satellite and to develop a concept that satellites can be made with minimal products. The launching of the mini satellite was also captured by media personalities which also helped to promote the good innovative programs being held at BVS.


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