Tours and Excursion

Team Building Boot Camps

Team building allows students to work together in social situations just as they would in the classroom, their daily lives, or down the road in the workplace. At BVS we provide a platform to our children to participate in various team building exercises.

Leadership Training Exercises

Our aim in BVS is to produce leaders. We provide leadership training platforms to our students so they learn to be confident and become the leader our world needs today.


Being in an open environment is a stimulus for learning, a way to bring academic subject areas to life while offering physical challenges that promote personal and social growth.

Through both academic outdoor learning and extended expeditions, BVS students develop lasting relationships with the natural world, while building resilience and leadership.

Brihaspati Vidya Sadan

Naxal-5, Kathmandu, Nepal
4418030 / 4418031
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