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A growing body of research has found that school facilities can have a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes. We have a well-equipped range of facilities and resources for all students to help them achieve a well-rounded education in a friendly atmosphere. It is our vision that each student enjoys their years of education and reach their full potential.

School Building

School provides good infrastructure and excellent facilities to students. School building consists of three floors. All the class rooms are spacious and well ventilated and equipped with comfortable sitting arrangements.

School Library

Reading is an enjoyable experience and the students have a library of their own to browse through and read books of their choice. The library is well stocked with a variety of books covering a variety of subjects. To inculcate habit of reading among students National/ Local Newspapers and Magazines/ Journals are subscribed to.

Science and Technology

Fully-equipped science labs across all grades
Technology suite – workshop, textiles

Dance Room

Dance communicates ideas through movement and expression and is a creative art form. Keeping this in mind it has been included in the curriculum. The students learn different skills like rhythm, flexibility, coordination and expression. They participate in composing, moving and appreciating a range of dance style

School Transport

The school has a fleet of buses that cover all areas of major parts of Kathmandu and some parts of Lalitpur. We emphasize comfort and care through our bus conductors.

Sports Facilities

Along with academics, physical fitness is given importance. With an eye to groom students into physically strong and mentally active members, a range of sports facilities are made available. This includes basketball courts, a football field, a cricket pitch, badminton volleyball and tennis courts and playground.

Personal Counseling

The Counseling Centre in the school provides a forum where the students are assisted to cope with the pressures and issues of growing up and a variety of other social, psychological, educational and developmental issues. We aim to identify all children who need special attention to support their physical, sensory, social, emotional, communicative or cognitive developments.

Medical Services

BVS has 2 hygienic medical rooms for a girl and boy separately, equipped to regulatory standards. Both the medical rooms are staffed by a full time Nurse/ health assistant. Our in-house Doctor attends to the first aid requirements of students and staff should the need arise. All cases of injury or illness receive immediate medical attention. All students receive regular medical examinations.


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