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Literature Club

To encourage our students to develop the taste for literature and horn their spoken, written and their dramatic skills. The sole purpose of the club is to cater the needs of the students and also to develop their interest in literature and language. The Literary Club aims to develop analytical and creative thinking. It offers students opportunities to appreciate different types of literature, increase the knowledge about writers/literary figures and literary classics and showcase their own work. Students develop interest in reading, writing and enjoy taking parts in different programs.For now two clubs has been formed. They are:

Debate club is a place where students can share their ideas through speech and expression in an open forum, engage in rhetoric on a variety of issues on the Local, Regional, National, and International level, and expand learning in order to become more active and productive citizens.It inculcates a spirit of rational thinking, analytical ability and oratory skills. Students are groomed for Public Speaking and Inter Class Debate Competitions are organised.


Quiz Club aims to expand general awareness and hone the skill of drawing rational inferences. The unprecedented reach of quizzing has made it popular with people of all ages in almost every sphere of life. Nowadays quizzes are much more than a general knowledge test. It is an entertaining mind sport which test a person’s mental ability alertness and general awareness.

Aims and Objectives:

To popularise quizzing activities among students
To enable the youngsters to fight and win in the field of quizzing.
To provide information about the present scenario of quizzing.
To utilise the knowledge revolution by associating with other quiz clubs and organizations.
To take the quizzing tradition forward at the SSV.
To generate interest in quizzing as a fun activity that everyone can indulge in.
To generate interest/curiosity in events/trivia through quizzing.
To encourage and motivate students in their quest for knowledge
The club’s members passionately believe that quizzing can be used as a fun and interactive tool to spread knowledge among the student community. We have a range of activities that help us work towards that goal.
A number of activities are organized to achieve this objective.

Quiz Club is to update the knowledge of the students in various fields like academic, General Knowledge, Analytical abilities, Quantitative reasoning, etc. Quiz programs are conducted at regular intervals during each academic year for the betterment of students.


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