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Message From Founder

From its inception to now Brihaspati, has been able to show itself as one of the best schools in the Kathmandu valley ,if  not in the whole of Nepal. For this I would like to show my sincere gratitude to all students, Alumni, Staffs, Guardians, the Brihaspati Community and all-well wishers of the school. Brihaspati was started with the concept of providing quality education, at affordable costs, with significant emphasis on overall development through mental and physical growth. Initially opened at the Dhobi  Khola  Corridor with 59 Students, now Brihaspati has 1500 students and over 1600 students has passed their SLC for here and gone on to do good things in their lives. For this achievement, I would like to show my sincere appreciation to the late

Principals-Mr. Maurice Banerjei and Mr. Anada Gurung . Their leadership of Brihaspati has got us to where we are today. I would also like to sincerely thank both the teaching and non-teaching staff who has been at Brihaspati from the time it was started –including Mrs. Minu Joshi, Mr. B.K.Singh, Mrs. Rita Shrestha and others. Here I would like to thank previous Board members of the school including Late Dr.Thakur Nath Pant,Mr. Chirangibi Nidhi Tiwari and Mr.Narayan Das Manadhar who served the Chairman of the school.My sincere thanks to Mr. C P Lohani,Mr, Dambar Bahadur Basnet, Dr, Nirmal Prasad Pandey and  Mr. ShriKrishna Pathak. I would like to convey my thanks to Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari Pant.My Special thanks also to existing board member and Mr. Murari NIdhi Tiwari, who has helped me from the starting of the School in the areas of school administration. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude also goes to Mr. Satish Krishna Kharel and Mr. Sudarshan Raj Pandey who have been advisors and help me run the school for a long period of time.

I would like to thank all others who have helped Brihaspati along its journey and wish we will have the same fruitful relation for the future.

I would like to also mention the significant role of BVS Alumni and the positive impact that they have generated in the school. I sincerely thank them in helping Brihaspati develop into a Community rather than a stand-alone school.

At the end, I would like to remind all these years do not mean the hard work has ended. It means that new and hard work with invigorated energy is required to take the school into the future

I hope everyone will be along with the school for this new journey forward


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