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We look at kids as our own, a belief to change the modern day scenario of bland bookish education of schools in Kathmandu into a wholesome experience of moral and innate character development is what fuels the BVS. BVS believe that to get a result and earn accolades in not the true goal but to enlighten young minds and to embark them on a journey of which there is no end-“the road to excellence” is. At BVS the staff pushes beyond their physical limits to keep up the pledge of devoted service towards the students and make them the worthy citizens of the country. It is etched into the teaching style of each teacher to account for each student in the class and give individual attention for which a healthy teacher-student ratio is maintained. BVS want to create coherent spirits and help students establish a mindful control over their body. We aim to sharpen their potentials into shearing swords that uphold the crest of BVS.

The first and most basic obligation of a teacher is to see the beauty that exists within every student. Every child is infinitely precious. At BVS we:

Love Students

We Love our students and stand firmly against behavior that doesn’t meet our expectations or reflect their inner greatness. Too many students have internalized a profound sense of their own inadequacy, and it is incumbent upon us to remind them of their infinite value and counteract the many messages that they receive to the contrary. By loving our students unconditionally, we remind them of their true worth.

Assume the Best in our Students

BVS always assume the best in students; at worst, assume there’s more to know. Even if our student chose not to meet our expectations, they know that we loved them but not their misbehavior.

If they fail, we assume students tried and give another chance.

If they break a rule, assume they weren’t aware of the rule. At worst, assume they had forgotten.

If student say or do something that reflects poorly on them, we assume that’s something they had to say or do just once to learn from it

Praise What and When We Can

We call attention to the things that our students are doing. We show our students that we are with it, we are very aware of what’s happening in the classroom. We see and hear pretty much everything, and believe small actions matter.

It’s not about us; it’s about students

Our teacher does not think, ‘What am I going to do today?’ instead thinks, ‘What are my students going to do today?’

Teach from the heart

The best teaching isn’t formulaic; BVS believes, “We teach who we are.” The act of teaching requires the courage to explore one’s sense of identity. If you don’t fully know yourself, you can’t fully know your students, and therefore,you can’t connect with them. BVS does not compensate by using clever technique.


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