Farewell to Principal


“You have been our source of motivation and inspiration and our role model. Working under your aegis,
BVS achieved so much. Your vision, knowledge and wisdom helped us realise the true value and meaning of
our being. It feels impossible for us to say GOODBYE to you”.

BVS bade farewell to principal Mr Suman Thing who dedicated 12 precious years of his life to the learning
and development of children at BVS. Calm, quiet and compassionate, Mr Thing has influenced the life of
every single student and staff with his humility, integrity, wisdom and compassion. The respect he offered to
every member of BVS, his dedication to his task, simplicity and ability to never yielding to pressure are all that
made him a true leader.
He made his best endeavour to create a stress-free learning environment, improve the quality of faculty and
encourage their development through education and research.His systematic approach to things and emphasis
on holistic development of student made him a unique Principal that BVS will always miss.

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