Time to Re-engineer the Perception Towards Life


Neither there is wish for any ornaments nor any wish for branded clothes! Neither there is wish for any makeup nor any wish for high class costly cars! Neither there is any wish for adventures nor any wish for visiting city’s good restaurants for weekend dinner! Only wish these days is to stay alive from deadly Corona virus disease for which there is no cure available till date. The things, the profession which we underestimated turned out to be super hit over the night. The things which we assumed precious seem no more precious. The medical science which we thought has achieved tremendous technological breakthrough seems not enough. The health system which we thought are good enough to save lives at the time of need became insufficient and inadequate all of a sudden. The months long lockdown due to COVID 19 has compelled me to think life more critically, it has compelled me to differ from my perception about life and success.
Truly speaking, human life is extremely delicate. I have this and that, I will do this and that etc all seems illogical. Thousands of wealthy people are dying in the world’s best medically equipped countries due to Corona virus disease. Those dying are absolutely dying alone due to strict safety protocols for COVID 19 disease. The loneliness starts from the day a COVID 19 patient is kept into quarantine with no visitors allowed. Imagine what could be more excruciating than dying alone without even being visited by a single relative and friend!
So, we have to revisit our perception towards life, profession and worldly things. We have to re – engineer the way we live our lives without being depressed by the setback COVID 19 disease has brought to the mankind. Life is really a mystery and we have to take it not with fear but with lots of optimism and explore the endless possibilities that it offers.
After all, life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.

Simran Lama Waiba
Class 8 'D'

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