Academic Excellence

Students at Brihaspati are given tools, resources and platforms to become independent learners who are cheerful in their outlook, respectful to self as well as others, and thoughtful about making wise choices in life.

Junior School

At Brihaspati, Junior school students are encouraged to become independent learners right from the beginning. The curriculum supports each student’s extended learning and personal development. We provide high emphasis on reading as an academic skill and resilience as a behavior set.

Primary School

The Primary School at Brihaspati is designed as a bridge between the creativity and exploration of the early years and the academic rigor required in the later years. It encompasses an ample number of extra- and co-curricular activities for students. Teachers in the primary grades prioritize the socio-emotional well-being of their students from as early as the planning stage, and work to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for them, working together with other school staff and parents whenever needed.

Middle School

Our students in the middle school are immersed in a tight-knit community of passionate learners and take part in an exciting curriculum filled with stimulating classes, educational field trips, and opportunities for hands-on learning. Beyond the classroom, our students take part in multiple activities such as sports, theater, roller skating, wall-climbing, arts, music, STEM, and more. Brihaspati’s middle school program aims to develop a strong foundation for the students upon which they can build their success in later years.

Secondary School

The Secondary School at Brihaspati takes pride in upholding the highest academic standards while simultaneously encouraging students to develop their skills beyond the classroom. The state-of-the-art labs for our Science and STEAM programs allow students to convert theoretical ideas into practical lessons.