Exciting times at Brihaspati AstroWorld as we gear up for the National Astronomy Olympiad 2024!

Our students delved into the wonders of space and astronomy during a captivating workshop, sparking a passion for cosmic exploration.

Get ready to witness the brilliance of our young astronomers as they reach for the stars!

Glimpses of Natyamani

A wonderful day where art met performance. As we saw the two dramas; Firfirey and Sunkeshari unfold today, we got to see the best among the best showcases by our dear students.

Congratulations on the event and sincere thank you to all the dignitaries and guests who attended.

Our talented Brihaspatians are on a roll

Our talented Brihaspatians are on a roll. Actors from the Annual Drama: Sunkeshari showing their dramatic prowess in their rehearsal at school premises. Along with acting, the students were able to bring out the best in terms of teamwork, backstage production, props knowledge and usage.

Two dramas: Sunkeshari and Junkiri are taking place on Friday, January 5, 2024 at Pragya Pratisthan, Kamaladi.

Young talents from various Preschools in the Kathmandu valley visited Brihaspati Vidyasadan School

Young talents from various Preschools in the Kathmandu valley visited Brihaspati Vidyasadan School, where they delighted in crafting exquisite creations in a dedicated clay art session specially organized for them.

Junior School Annual Day 2080 was filled with beautiful performances put together by all the students of Junior School.

They never fail to amaze us!

Thankyou dear students, keep up the good work! We would also like to thank the teachers, Junior School team and parents being present and making this possible.

Our dear students from Plus 2 dressed their best and gathered today to celebrate Cultural Day.

The day was filled with beautiful performances accompanied by mouthwatering potluck spread, all put together by the students!

These memories last forever!

Our little superstars shine brightest during playtime!

Generous Contribution: 50 Sets of Desks and Benches

We are happy to contribute 50 sets of desks and benches to Shree Lalita Aadharbhut Vidhalaya and Shree Janata Madhamik Vidhalaya at Laxmipur Patari, Ward 4.

Out-of-class learning is as important as inside-class learning.

Students of Brihaspati shared their learning and experience from an outdoor experience overnight at Panauti.

Origami and collage

As part of our Social Studies lesson about origami and collage the children of Grade 3 (Sagarmatha) enjoyed engaging in craft work.

They loved creating a patchwork elephant and folding paper to make various items.