Connecting with Nature: An Inspirational Message from Our School Principal

- October 30, 2023

Our School Principal Mr. Kumar Thapa along with Co-curriculars Coordinator Mr. Bal Krishna Sharma scaled Thorang-La Pass 5,416 meters from Manang to Mustang on October 30th, 2023 at 6.04 am. They also made it to Tilicho Lake 5,100 meters on October 27th at 7.07 am. The Principal also intends to send a message through this: It is looking more necessary than ever to go out closer to nature preferably with family, or friends/ colleagues. It not only breaks the monotony, but also has proven to support our holistic health including mental health. Additionally, It makes us more humble as humans. As Nepalis, not to forget, two-third of our country is covered by Hills & Mountains; this reality is best felt when we are out walking in the region.
Let’s get into outdoor education, explore different places with families, whenever and wherever possible. As parents, the best gift we can offer to our children is to build for them memories and experiences. What kind of memory and experience we wish to offer our children is up to the choices we make with and for them.